The Lexicon of Natalie

Riding Tricycle

Toddlers really do have their own language and it’s often a struggle to figure out what Natalie is trying to say. If she says something to you and you don’t understand it quickly, she is quick to tilt her head and give you a look that can only mean “are you really that dumb?”. So I decided that I should record some of her phrases for the sake of posterity.

These words are often put together and end with “yeah?” because she is asking confirmation that I understood. For example, she just said “cup gra-gra mimmie mama. yeah? yeah?” so I took that as “I would like milk and some grapes. Then I want to watch the Mickey Mouse Clubmouse with Mama. Do you understand?”

Baby /beɪ bi/ This can mean anything from dolls, her stomach (thanks to her unborn sibling) and even other kids.
Ball /bɑ/ Any roundish shaped object.
Banana /nʌ nʌ/ The fruit.
Bath /bɑ/ Either the act of bathing or the bathroom.
Bird /bɜr/ An actual bird or really anything in the sky outside.
Box /bɑ/ Any square shaped object.
Bubble Bath /bʌb bɑ/ Either bathing with bubbles in the water or a bottle in the bathroom.
Cracker /kɑkər/ Either a cracker or a nacho.
Cup /kʌ/ Anything that contains a liquid that isn’t bubble bath.
Dada /ˈdɑ dɑ/ Me.
Duck /gɑk gɑk/ Either the bird, Donald Duck or Daisy Duck.
Dog /dʒu dʒu/ A dog.
Car /gɑr/ Anything with wheels, really.
Empty /kɔ kaɪ/ This is one of the most confusing as it can either mean “I’m all done”, “it’s empty” or “I want more”.
Fish /fɪʃ/ A fish or any bath toy.
Mimmie /mi mi/ Either Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Pluto or any other animated character or animated movie/short with the exception of Donald and Daisy Duck as they have their own names.
Goodnight /naɪ naɪ/ Wants to go to sleep, just woke up, the bed itself or is just laying down to play.
Grapes /græ græ/ The fruit.
Mama /ˈmɑ mə/ Her mommy.
Natalie /nə nə/ Her own name. Sounds almost identical to “banana”.
Ohhhh! /oʊ/ An exclamation.
Outside /bur/ That someone went out the door, she wants to go outside or that she needs a coat or sweatshirt.
Poop /uuu/ It’s time for Mama when she touches her diaper and starts saying this.
Toast /toʊ/ Anything bread that isn’t a cracker.
Water /ˈwɔ wɔ/ Water, milk, juice or any other liquid.
Yes /yɛə/ An affirmation.

Code is poetry, even 6502 assembly..

I picked up a couple books on 6502 assembly and “hi-res” graphics on the Commodore 64’s VIC-II today.  So I decided to play around a bit with converting a graphic to display on the system.

Because I had no real way to link ASM on native hardware, I grabbed the VirtualC64 emulator and the dasm macro assembler so that I could link disk images directly to the emulator.

After a little hacking I was able to get the WordPress logo to render display on a fairly antiquated device. If you want to build it, the code is below and here is the image file: wordpress_logo.hexdata

Have fun!

           processor 6502
           org $1000

           lda #$06
           sta $d020    ; set background to blue (screen)
           sta $d021    ; ditto (border)
           lda #$00

cpcolors:  lda $3f40,x  ; copy colors to screen memory
           sta $0400,x
           lda $4040,x
           sta $0500,x
           lda $4140,x
           sta $0600,x
           lda $4240,x
           sta $0700,x

           lda $4328,x  ; copy colors to color memory
           sta $d800,x
           lda $4428,x
           sta $d900,x
           lda $4528,x
           sta $da00,x
           lda $4628,x
           sta $db00,x

           bne cpcolors

           lda #$3b     ; bitmap mode
           ldx #$18     ; multi-color mode
           ldy #$18     ; screen at $0400, bitmap at $2000
           sta $d011    ; enable everything
           stx $d016
           sty $d018

main:      jmp main     ; loop forever

           org $1FFE    ; let's load the image data now
           INCBIN "wordpress_logo.hexdata"

Century ride training

I’m well into my training plan for a century ride this August.  This week’s “long” ride was 46 miles long because I turned the wrong way down one road.  My planned length was 41 miles had I followed the correct path.  I’m currently adding 15% per week in distance to my distance days with a goal of riding 100 miles on August 25th.  We will see how close I get!

Oh, and I almost died around mile 21 due to a very steep hill!